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All started with trying to lose weight.

January. 2018

On March 26, 2018, this would be a date for me to remember long time. I participated in an event in HK. From the photo, I realized that everything on me was round: face was round, body was round, arms were round … on the same day, my weight was 67.7 kilograms. Usually 65 kilograms would be my threshold to start to think of losing weight.

Also in March 2018, before I went to HK, I met three girl friends in Beijing, China, who didn’t know each other. They all mentioned that I should skip the main course (to Chinese people, it means rice, noodle, pancakes, etc.) if I wanted to lose weight. Then from April to June 2018, I started to skip the main courses over the dinners, but still kept eating carbs over breakfast and lunch.

From July and August, I happened to read a book, which suggested about 8-hour meal window and the rest part of the time should be fasting. I then introduced the intermittent fasting into my diet.

In mid-August the same year, when I was in the office, one colleague mentioned to another colleague: If you want to lose weight, then you should try Keto. That was the first time that I heard this word and this diet. But I didn’t start right away. Until I heard from another colleague who said that he lost 40 pounds in one month. Wow .. that’s what I needed.

So I bought two cookbooks from two Keto authors and started Keto with bulletproof coffee, even traveled with all the ingredients when I had a chance to drink coffee.  I believed many of the Keto friends should have started with this habit.

January 2019

At the end of August, I got the first cook book from Maria Emmerich. Now I felt so lucky that I read this book and started to learn all the Maria-Craig Emmerich Keto. This is a science-backed Keto. And their Keto is my main diet style now.  

Since then, I started strictly with my Emmerich Keto journey. The lucky part for me was: I coincidentally prepared my body for Keto: I didn’t have any Keto flu symptoms because I have started to cut the carb intake and started the intermittent fasting. I lost 20 kilos until June 2019 and kept it off until now. Moreover, the more I understand Keto, the more I understand that Keto is not only for losing weight, it is a lifestyle and can bring us more …

I would like to share with all of the friends who would like to have healthy lifestyles .. starting from here, Keto My Haven.

Keto is my haven. Hope that it can be yours.