About Me

I am a simple person. It was all about work and business travels. I won’t deny that I do love eating and cooking food. But when my weight reached certain level, when I received the health report from my family doctor, there was no fun any more … By one chance, I started to know Keto and have been attracted by the science and health knowledge behind the Emmerich Keto.

I am a very disciplined person … I stick to the Keto very strictly. I have been very happy to lose weight from 67.7 kilograms in April, 2018 to around 46 kilograms in June 2019 and keep all off until now.

Between my busy travel schedules, I finished Keto Coach Program in the summer 2019 because I want to help more people achieve what I have achieved and we would work more together.

I would be happy to share all that I know about Keto and let’s share the Keto journey. Help you lose weight, and have healthy lifestyle!